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Our Materials

Thrifted Finds

Reusing things that already exit is the best thing we can do for the planet.  So, we thrift vintage pieces and add them to our designs.  All of our up-cycled pieces are limited edition.

Plant-Based Resin

Our resin is created from the run-off of plants.  It's light-weight, durable and non-toxic.  You can wear it in the shower, the ocean or where ever you choose.  We love it for the fun color it adds alongside metals.    


Our gold-filled metal jewelry is made up of a layer of gold bonded to recycled brass.  Each piece is comprised of at least 60% recycled metals and can last up to 30 years.  It can tolerate shower water and is good against sensitive skin. 

Sterling Silver .925

Our sterling silver jewelry is comprised of 92.5% silver.  The recycled metal in each of our pieces is between 60% and 100%.  We love sterling silver as it is easy to take care of, good against sensitive skin and can be worn for up to 30 years.


All of our brass items contain at least 60% recycled metals.  Brass is as beautiful as gold but at a much lower price point.  Like all metals it can tarnish, but if you keep it dry and away from chemicals like lotion, it can last a lifetime.